New Delhi: -A video is being viral on social media in which a man is claiming to be the former staff of BJP’s IT cell. In the video, a person named Mahaveer tells in the video how to spread false news in BJP’s IT cell. In the video, Dhruv Rathi takes an amazing interview with Mahavira on youtube

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According to Rathi and Mahavir interview, Mahavir Utubeber was working in BJP’s IT cell between 2012- 2015. Mahaveer says that 150 people work in BJP’s IT cell, they get an opportunity to meet the prime minister and special content is trolled by them and then it is shared by members of lower rank. Mahavir claims to be involved in BJP’s IT cell in the other 50 and says that his number comes after ‘Super 150’ people.

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When Rathi asked the question related to his responsibility, he told that his main work was to ‘troll’. Mahaveer said that he used to add words like Dalit, Hindu, and Muslim to the content of the news.
Mahaveer said that once he had added a feck content in the news, he used to share it with Facebook and WhatsApp on the supplied laptops and mobile phones. For this, a person was provided a laptop and at least 10 mobile phones so that a person could run 10 separate WhatsApp accounts.
Mahaveer said that when a large number of Fake Content was shared, he would be automatically trending in the social media. When Rathi was asked about the differences in the Congress’ IT cell against BJP, Mahavir replied that the IT cell of both the parties is almost the same.

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The video of Mahavir’s interview has been shared with Dhruv Rathi on the YouTube channel. In about 30 minutes and 28 seconds, Mahavir disclosed this to Dhruv Rathi.