Aircel Network ProblemAircel Network Problem
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Network collapses after tower company cuts services to operator

Nearly nine lakh Aircel customers across India decided to port their numbers to other telecom service providers on Wednesday due to frequent call drops, amidst reports that the telecom company is facing financial difficulties.

On Tuesday, around three lakh customers decided to port out, said K Sankara Narayanan, Head, SBU (South), Aircel. “We are trying to sort out the issue,” he told BusinessLine.

“There is some legal issue with one of the telecom tower companies. Due to this, the network was cut by the tower company across India. This created a network problem and mayhem in the market. Our customers decided to port out. We allowed them to go as they need mobile service,” he said. Aircel’s infrastructure could not handle such a large number of requests to port out. It will take some time to be fulfil all the requests, he said.

Customers of telecom service provider Aircel on Wednesday virtually laid siege to some of its outlets following rumours about the closure of its service.Aircel Network Problem
A company official clarified the network service provider was facing some issues and they were trying to resolve it.

According to some of the customers they were neither able to make a call nor receive and they termed it as the first step towards total closure of services.

Some complained that they were unable to use the mobile number porting facility due to network issues.

Aircel Network Problem

The company outlet employees tried to convince the protesting customers, saying the rumours were spread by the competitors and claimed there were no such issues.

Meanwhile, when contacted by PTI, an official spokesperson of Aircel, said they were trying to resolve the issue. “Aircel is facing network issues and we are trying to find a way to resolve this at the soonest possible,” the official told PTI.
Last year, Aircel and Reliance Communications had planned to join hands but the deal did not materialise.