Nowadays many people having the habit of seeing x videos, But if we try to control it is not possible. , so we can decrease the range, because many of them become the victims of seeing more x videos and also it becomes a more addiction. It affects our happiness and family also, so here we see the some tips for stopping x videos gradually.

Ideas to controll :

It cannot be easily stop like other addiction , so you have to control it gradually.If any one have the habit of seeing xvideos 20 times on a week , he must be decreased to 5 or 6 times then it will be gradually controlled.

And if the another tip is , if you have seen adult based ads on your smartphone you must have to delete it or you have to use the adblocker applications. From do this you can away from this addiction.

If you want leave this habit fully you must control your mind . Some times if you think about x videos at that time you have to change by hearing songs or doing other favourite works of you. If you follow these you can gradually decrease the addiction of seeing x. videos.